Montessori Movable Alphabets Box Letters Wood
Montessori Movable Alphabets Box Letters Wood
Montessori Movable Alphabets Box Letters Wood
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Montessori Movable Alphabets Box Letters Wood

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You loved the rough letters ... You'll love this beautiful  Mobile Alphabet ...

Your child's language learning is done at any age by playing and developing all the senses.

 "The Montessori Mobile Alphabet"  is also part of the language material. 

The goal of this alphabet is to offer your child the learning of writing, as well as to compose words and subsequently sentences. He will develop the mechanism of spontaneous writing. 

We must know that with Montessori, the child learns to write before even knowing how to read: thus, with these mobile letters, he will be able to take his first steps in writing. 

The child develops between 3 and 6 years his intellectual capacity to write but he is still too small to be able to hold a pen by writing letters. The mobile alphabet will help your child to acquire the process of writing because he has already worked a lot of fun with this alphabet, he will have developed phonological awareness, and he will recognize a number of letters. 

Manual :

The presentation of the mobile alphabet takes place in 3 stages:

Start by talking about the activity to your child and show him where the material is stored. He must know where to turn when he wants to spontaneously take letters.

1) Choose a letter, show it its shape and pronounce the sound, for example, "m" (pronounce the sound of the letter and not its name: ME - instead of EME - and trying to make the E the most possible mute: MMM rather than ME). Then touch the letter with the fingertips, in the direction of writing, by pronouncing the sound that corresponds to it. "MMMM, like MMMMom". Then, invite your child to do the same with your fingertips, saying the sound. If he does not make the move in the right direction, let him do it and then take the gesture in front of him. 

Then choose 2 more letters by repeating the exercise.

2) The recognition: put the three letters in front of the child keeping the same three letters, in the order of the first presentation than in the disorder. Ask the child to recognize the letter: "Show me the" MMMM "... 

Then ask him to trace the letter each time by saying the sound.When your child has finished his learning and he has integrated all that you can go to the 3rd time ...

3) Keep the same three letters, and test the child's knowledge by asking a question such as "What's this letter doing?" 

At that time, your child is not at risk of failure, since the second period has been consolidated by the recognition of the letter. Praise him, encourage him.

You and your child will love discovering writing with this  Mobile Alphabet Box that contains a box with 26 small wooden compartments and a 26-letter wooden package that goes from A to Z ...

This box includes a box with 26 small wooden compartments and a pack of 26 wooden letters from A to Z. 

Age: > 3 years

Materials: Wood


Size of the box: 34,5 x 32,5 x 2,6 cm

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