Educational Montessori Wooden Tetris Game
Educational Montessori Wooden Tetris Game
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Educational Montessori Wooden Tetris Game

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Gender: Unisex
Age Range: > 3 years old
Puzzle Style: Jigsaw Puzzle
Material: Wood
Style: Geometric Shape
Warning: Small Objects
Puzzle: Tetris

Why propose puzzles to your children?

The puzzle is a complete activity, ideal for a quiet time, before nap or evening. Smart activity, it teaches your child patience, reflection, concentration and precision. Here are our tips for choosing your puzzles for your children.

To catch each element and fit into each other, your child must be skilled with his hands, have a good representation of space, be thoughtful and observant to deduce that one piece fits into another and that such colour is found on several pieces.

Puzzles are also methodical games. Watch your child turn the coin in all directions, look at it and finally find the right place: it's a real job! Very quickly (and with your help at the beginning), he will spot the straight-edged pieces that make up the frame. You can also make small piles by colour (the principle of classification).

Finally, quiet activity, the puzzle is played alone or in pairs, and even with family, later, around a puzzle of more than 200 pieces. It is also rewarding for the little ones because it calls on skills that have nothing to do with school achievements.

What puzzle at what age?

As soon as your child knows how to use the forceps (the approximation of the thumb and the index finger), he can use these puzzles. They have around the wooden tip to capture the piece, a pre-cut shape (a car, an animal, a character) that it must replace in the corresponding shape of the board.

Around 2 and a half, real cardboard puzzles
Choose a model with a frame with large pieces (about ten at the beginning) that you will gradually increase.

Around 3 years old, up to 20-30 pieces
You will soon notice that some children love this assembly activity on which they concentrate on its final realization. Forcibly, the more they do it, the more they acquire dexterity. You will increase the number of coins based on his previous successes.

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