5 Life Lessons I've Learned from Raising Boys

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Mothers of little boys are the happiest people alive since there has never been, nor will there ever be something as special as the love between a mother and a son (unless if it is love between a mother and her two sons). While I was spending my days and years watching my boys grow, I haven’t realized that I grew too alongside them, and I would like to share those valuable lessons they have taught me.

It’s ok to cry

You know that saying “boys don’t cry”? Well, baby boys cry, especially when they are sleepy and hungry. Not to mention the sleepless nights when the first tooth is about to come out. At first, I ran at every small whimper, but you know what? You are not a bad mother if you let your baby boy cry himself to sleep. In fact, it’s perfectly safe and sometimes even better to let your baby cry, than to run to him instantly. Of course, if the crying continues for a long time, you should go and comfort your little one.

It’s ok not to be tough

Again, the stereotypes about boys make us think they never need help, but even though they pretend to be tough, at times they too struggle with their emotions. When my older one had his first day at school, he was terrified. He was afraid he wouldn’t to be able to make friends and that other kids will make fun of him, but he wanted to look strong in front of his mom. So, I took him aside and told him a story about my first day at school and how even though I was very scared everything went really well. I hugged him and said that there is no way a cool boy like him won’t make any friends.

Everyone has their own way of cooling down

If you are a parent of a toddler then you surely had an encounter or two with tantrums. And believe me, until I found a way to tame those, I had my own little meltdowns on a daily basis. But you know, no tantrum last forever, and just like my way of cooling down is watching Netflix, my kids have their own different methods. While the only way for my now nine-year-old to cure his frustrations was to be left alone for a couple of minutes, my five-year-old finds drawing very soothing. He adores my fineliner pen, which instantly dries, so he can't make much of a mess.

The mess never ends, and that is ok

Although my pens don’t make a mess, my boys sure give their best to compensate. You know what doesn’t help? Screaming and shouting. I’ve tried everything, from “those are your new pants” to “no video games this week”, but the pants still have grass stains and my walls are covered with dusty fingerprints. It is important to let them “do their thing”, play and be happy, because boys will be boys, but only for so long, they should enjoy it.

We are all heroes

I’ll admit, I’ve watched several superhero movies and cartoons with my boys, and they weren’t at all bad. What fascinated me are the things the two of them pick up from such movies. When my younger asked me: “Mom, can I be like Superman”, I answered, “Well Superman is from another planet, he has powers, etc.” and then my nine-year-old said, “Of course you can, when mommy is afraid of a spider, you can take it out”. And that’s it, heroism is about helping others and facing your fears.

Boys are magical beings who storm into a mother’s life, create a hurricane of emotions and leave an everlasting love. Listen to your kids, while they can learn a lot from you, sometimes you can even learn more from them.

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