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My Montessori Store brings a wide range of amazing experiences for children, games, early learning activities and fantastic accessories for kids. Our Sydney based team partners with global manufacturers in order to provide you with the best products, at the most affordable prices.

My Montessori Store

Early learning can be fascinating to young children when they are engaged creatively. It boosts their confidence, teaches them to play independently and meets their natural needs at this unique stage in their life.

Montessori method offers such a wide range of amazing experiences for children. Child’s work is their play. Generally children do not need stimulation or encouragement, they naturally gravitate to activities that reflect their interest and enrich passion for learning.

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) noticed that young children are naturally drawn to the types of things that allow them to put their sense of order to use. They also have an inner developmental need to gain independence. 

A primary goal of Montessori philosophy is: "Help me to do it myself". We want to encourage children to learn by doing and to incorporate a sense of learning and accomplishment into their everyday tasks and activities. 

My Montessori Store brings DIY Montessori Inspired Activities that you can easily create and share with your children at home.



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